Cyber warfare: What do state attacks look like and can anything be done to stop them?

CyberTerrorismThis political point-making manifests in other ways. For example, an attack on the Ukrainian power grid late last year, according to Larsen, was carried out in an unnecessarily theatrical way.

“Anyone who has the skill to hack in has the skill to write a piece of code to open the breakers. Instead they let the operator watch as they clicked and opened all the breakers. They wanted the operators to sit there and freak out.”

From the victim’s perspective, the attribution is also political: in many cases it would be perfectly possible to pretend that no hack had happened. For example, infrastructure failure could just be blamed on an outage.

11 Secrets To Properly Freezing Produce

11 Secrets To Properly Freezing Produce Are you sick of freezer burned food? Check out these amazing 11 secrets to properly freezing produce and have fantastic frozen food. Never throw away another frozen item again! How many times have you gone to the freezer and discovered that your food was freezer burned? I know I …

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The Top Spots in the US to Bug Out

When you plan a bug out strategy, the location is one of the most important considerations. I think some people plan to just grab their bug-out bag and start walking. That is a recipe for disaster. To be successful you need to carefully plan a bug out location along with a route to get there. This means you need to live relatively close to this location. If the highways are clogged when SHTF, you may be walking to your bug out destination. When selecting a location, there are a few priorities that need to be evaluated. One of the most important is accessibility. Can you get there? If the location is too far away or on the other side of a natural barrier like a river or a cliff, you are going to have a hard time making it to safety. I suggest you find a spot that is under 100 miles away and has a clear path to get you there. On the other hand, you want this property to be inaccessible for other people. It needs to be hidden, so a location that is heavily wooded or one that has lots of ridges and valleys is ideal. You will want this spot to be well off the grid, so miles from the closest road or trail. If you have geographic features that would block other people, that is even better. Try finding a spot on a steep hillside or one that backs up to a river or bluff. If it is wooded then thick brush is a good deterrent. Of course you can always put up a fence, but natural barriers are even better. Continue reading The Top Spots in the US to Bug Out

How to Pick the Right Survival Weapon

Having a survival weapon is an absolute necessity for camping, hiking, bushcraft, or if you’re just lost in the wilderness.  Not only do you need a weapon to protect yourself from any animals or people who threaten you, you also need it to hunt and provide for yourself as well. There are obviously a huge variety of survival weapons that you can choose from, some of which you can buy and some that you can even build on your own.  Examples include weapons such as guns, knives, machetes, tomahawks/hatchets, swords, spears, slingshots, and clubs. Continue reading How to Pick the Right Survival Weapon

The CIA is Preparing for a Major Cyberattack Against Russia

cyber-attack-1The agency’s goal would be to “embarrass” top Russian officials.

NBC News reports that the CIA is developing scenarios for an electronic attack on Russian leadership. According to sources including current government officials, the intent is to “embarrass” top Russian officials through “clandestine” and widespread hacking.


The global economy has entered unexplored, dangerous territory

Financial Collapse… the pervasive concern was that traditional ideas and leaders are losing their grip and the global economy is entering unexplored and dangerous territory.

It can hardly come as a great surprise that when economic growth falls short year after year, and when its beneficiaries are a small subset of the population, electorates turn surly. Looking back at the political traumas of 1968, when people were in the streets in many countries, it’s clear that there was something going on beyond specific issues like Vietnam in the United States. In the same way — with Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the strength of right-wing nationalists in Europe, Vladi­mir Putin’s strength in Russia, and the return of Mao worship in China — it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the world is seeing a renaissance of populist authoritarianism.

Weak economics promote angry politics which raise uncertainty, leading to still weaker economics starting the cycle again. Publics have lost confidence both in the competence of economic leaders and in their commitment to serving broad national interests, rather than the interests of a global elite.


Daltech Force Bullbelt & IndestructiBelt Gun Belt Review

bull_belt_gun_daltech_review_ccw Let me start by saying that my primary objective in buying a new belt was not to get a belt for carrying a gun. No, I new_old_beltsneeded a new belt because the leather belt I’ve been wearing the past few years gets that inevitable sag where it doesn’t look right any more. I mean look at the curve that developed in these things.  That sag is without carrying the weight of a handgun attached to the side, it’s just normal, day-to-day work and leisure wear. Those are not cheap belts mind you. I don’t remember where I bought them, but probably a place like Bass Shoe. Continue reading Daltech Force Bullbelt & IndestructiBelt Gun Belt Review

DIY Temporary, Affordable, All-Season, Comfortable Dwelling

DIY Temporary, Affordable, All-Season, Comfortable Dwelling I am sure you can tell by the picture what this article is all about. I read it and at first I thought , meh, screw that, but then I read further and read the comments and people were loving this idea so I researched it further and yeah, …

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How To Build A Cold Room In Your Home Basement

How To Build A Cold Room In Your Home Basement A cold room is a new term for a root cellar. Cold rooms / root cellars are for keeping food supplies at a low temperature and steady humidity. They keep food from freezing during the winter and keep food cool during the summer months to …

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How to Inspect Your Survival Stockpile

Being prepared for disaster is an ongoing process.  It’s not something you just do one time and then forget about until disaster strikes.  This means that once you’ve collected your stockpile and written down plans for each and every disaster scenario that could hit your way, you don’t just leave it as it is. If you want to be properly prepared for a potential disaster, you need to assess your situation periodically.  Part of this assessment will comprise of you looking through your supplies and determining what’s still good and what needs to be swapped or rotated out, particularly when it comes to food, water, and ammunition.  This is the only way that you can confirm everything is in good and safe condition for when you will need it. Continue reading How to Inspect Your Survival Stockpile

Martial Law Survival Strategies You Should Know

Martial Law Survival Strategies You Should Know The events currently developing in the Unites States could very well lead to a state of martial law in the near future. It seems that social disturbance that leads to violence and chaos across U.S. cities are the perfect trigger for martial law. Even natural disasters, like hurricanes can …

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How To Start a Homestead From Scratch With No Money

How To Start a Homestead From Scratch With No Money This is a great article for those of you that dream of starting a homestead (and who doesn’t!), but just don’t have the cash to get started. When FrugalChicken and her family started homesteading they dreamed of a self-sustainable life where they produced more than they …

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How and Where to Store Your Ammo Stockpile

When your gun doesn’t have the ammunition required to fire it, it’s little more than a poor club.  While firearms provide any person with the best means of self-defense and security in a survival situation, they’re borderline useless without ammo. This is why investing just as much money into a stockpile of ammunition is equally as important as investing money into a stockpile of food, water, gasoline, first aid supplies, and other equipment.  In fact, most of the money that you spend on security should be spent on ammunition more so then on the guns themselves. Continue reading How and Where to Store Your Ammo Stockpile

10 Most Amazing Apocalypse Bunkers

10 Most Amazing Apocalypse Bunkers I kinda wish I never looked at these now! I am envious and a little jealous. Oh boy, if you had money you can literally buy anything! I shared a post earlier on storm shelters which led me to this article I am sharing with you all today. I found …

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How To Add Serrations to a Pocket Knife

How To Add Serrations to a Pocket Knife A serrated edge will make it easier to cut through certain things like rope. Some people prefer straight edged knives I myself prefer serrated. If you are tight on cash or just want to update an old pocket knife this is a really cool project for you. …

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Top 5 Post SHTF Livestock For Preppers

Top 5 Post SHTF Livestock For Preppers I live in a city so owning livestock can be difficult, but have you ever thought about this… Are you concerned about how you’ll raise food for your family after a social and economic collapse? Has it occurred to you that your food preps will eventually run out? Many preppers are thinking …

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How to Identify Venomous Snakes and Treat Snake Bites

How to Identify Venomous Snakes and Treat Snake Bites Say you are outside looking for firewood, or working in your garden reaching around in the shrubbery when you feel a sharp pain in your hand. You glimpse a snake slithering away quickly before you can react! You have just been bitten by a snake… what do …

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Bowfishing with a Recurve Bow – The 5 Best Techniques You Need to Know

Bowfishing with a Recurve Bow The 5 Best Techniques You Need to Know Bowfishing has become a popular off-season sport for hunters and fishermen alike. When fishermen started bagging fish with arrows tied to bows, the most common weapon choice was a compound bow. Mostly because that’s what serious hunters had on hand, and it’s …

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The Ultimate Guide to Primitive Living

Living and surviving are two of the most important goals of this world for all its creatures. In the face of a perceived threat, animals react with whatever defensive measures that they are equipped with. Placed in a situation of catastrophe, human beings grapple for some sort of control and hope that they will live to see another day. In all possible situations wherein lives are threatened, the survival skills that our ancestors used to fight for our place in the world becomes necessary. One of those skills is the ability to create shelter even in the midst of the wilderness.

Primitive Shelters

In its simplest form, the main function of a shelter is to provide warmth. It functions as such once the air has been warmed up by the temperature of a person’s body. By trapping the pockets of warm air in a tight space, a body-heat shelter can be made from twigs, branches, and leaves built as something like a blanket over a person’s body.  Here’s a step-by-step process for a body-heat shelter:
  1. Collect organic debris like parts of a fallen tree. Alternatively, you can collect leaves, branches, and tree barks. The shelter is going to need as much as you can gather.
  2. Make a heap with what you have gathered. Make sure that the pile is high enough to cover your body. The length needs to be the same as your height.
  3. Dig through the middle of the heap and make sure that you can fit through the opening while at the same time making the space tight enough to prevent the cold from seeping in.
  4. Once you’ve crawled through the opening, block the entrance. Ensure that you have enough breathing room.
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Making your Shelter Invisible

Many survival sites discuss being visible in a survival situation. They talk about signaling for rescue with smoke or signal mirrors. They talk about the fastest way to be spotted by other people. What if you do not want to be seen? What if you have escaped from captors and are on the run? What if you have bugged out into the woods and do not want others to steal your resources. These are very real scenarios for which everyone should prepare. One of the easiest ways to be spotted when bugging out is your shelter. Often bug out shelters can be large and can easily be spotted against the horizon or a wooded background.  If you do not properly hide your shelter, you could have people storming your camp in a matter of minutes. There are several ways to keep your shelter hidden, and I will cover the most important strategies. Continue reading Making your Shelter Invisible

Survival Gear Review: Vargo Titanium Wood Stove


Most quality bug out kits give a hefty nod to a petroleum powered stove. Whether white gas, vargo_titanium_folding_wood_stove_ultralight_sticks_hot-2compressed gas or fuel tablets, the common thread is the need for man-made fuel. Even the multi-fuel stoves are at risk when there is nothing to eat. Enter the mini-wood stove.  Vargo makes an impressive line of titanium products including the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove. Folding flat and weighing just 4.3 ounces, the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove does the same things a conventional stove does without the need for extra help. Add another half ounce for the hexagon-shaped velcro-closure pouch and two dozen wooden matches, and the kit still doesn’t break five ounces. 

By Doc Montana, a contributing author to SHTFBlog & Survival Cache

Fuel Load Out

Using sticks, bark, and the essentially unlimited supply of fuel found in any forest, the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove will boil water and cook food better and faster than a small campfire. The shape and design of the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove makes for concentrated heat and focused energy all in a tiny package. The stove has a five-inch diameter base that focuses the energy out of a three-inch chimney. The area of a circle is pi times the radius squared. So a five-inch base has about 19.6 inches of surface area, and the chimney has about seven inches of area. This means that almost three times the amount of burnable real estate heat is concentrated into the business end of this little wood furnace. Since pure titanium has a melting temperature of over 3000 degrees F, there is little chance that this alloy of Ti will ever soften during use.

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The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is a set of seven hinged panels all folding flat into a quarter inch high plane. One panel is the hexagonal base, and the others are the six triangular walls. Piano hinges connect all the panels, and one simple notch on the base provides support and alignment with a wall panel, and another spring clip on the base holds the whole thing together. A single panel remains movable as the door.

Black Pots Matter

Unlike other folding stoves, the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is ultralight and folds together in mere seconds. The folding mechanism creates a solid furnace that supports pots and has a door to open when feeding is necessary, which, by the way, is very often. I’ve used other flat-folding wood stoves and was impressed with their efficiency, but not their assembly. This becomes especially important when it’s cold, dark, wet, and there is no flat surface in sight. Further, the stove will be caked with black carbon so the less it must be handled, the cleaner your fingers will remain.

Gas stoves are great when they have gas. Otherwise they are dead weight. Campfires are a vargo_titanium_folding_wood_stove_ultralight_screws_cross_barswonderful morale building tool, but heavy on the smoke, smell, and evidence. Plus, most folks new to campfire cooking build way too big a fire and make a mess of things. Part of the dramatic efficiency of the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is that it has a raised base with 19 hexagonal-shaped ventilation holes in it. The flow of oxygen into the base of this stove makes for a much hotter burn than wood sitting on the ground. This also means you must keep the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove sitting on its base feet in order for air to freely circulate under the stove. As the holes fill with ash or the stove sinks into the ground or snow, the efficiency will suffer tremendously. As such, keeping the base above ground is critical to a healthy fire. 

Wood Fired Afterburner

Up at the hot end of the stove, five of the six panels have a V-shaped notch about a half-inch wide and ¾-inch deep that allows flame to escape the stove and wrap up and around the pot. A sixth but smaller V-shaped notch is on the door. Since the top of the door is half an inch below the plane, the smaller door V actually corresponds to the bottom portion of all the other panel Vs. This makes for a level mount for wire or stakes but would prevent the door from opening. The top of the door is the largest vent. All these vents provide plenty access for pot-blackening carbon to coat the sides of your cookware.

The V-shaped notches also have another purpose. By placing small metal rods, tent stakes, or four-vargo_titanium_folding_wood_stove_ultralight_cut_hatchetinch steel grabber screws across the top of the stove, you create a grill-like cap on the top allowing small containers to sit above the flames. Stainless steel water bottles may require this mod. If you prefer, you could just add a four or five-inch square of screen to use a grill surface. I don’t recommend a circle of screen due to all the exposed wires ends from cutting that shape. The more you add to this kit, the more you deviate from the lightweight simplicity you paid for.

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If you’re adventurous, you could put the stove upside down inside a pot to make a small grill. You can cook meat and veggies right on the stove-top.  With the proper mods, this stove has the potential to be a very versatile addition to your survival kit. 

Feed Me Seymour

The success of the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is dependent on a steady and endless supply of small lumber. The Vargo eats pencil-sized sticks like there’s no tomorrow so have a pile on hand before lighting up this hungry monster.

In reality, the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove does not burn wood much faster than a campfire, instead it feeds on a diet purely of high-surface area kindling. The interior of the stove is rather small so the fire burns hot and fast. The first time I took my Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove for a spin, it kept coming close to going out. I thought I could take a break from stoking it, but I was wrong. You only get a few minutes of downtime between feedings. And you cannot put a nice juicy log into the fire to make a big glowing ember. To put it simply, the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is more like a blender where you keep adding sticks and they keep disappearing in flames.

Phase Changing

I was equally surprised at how fast a half-quart of water came to a boil on the Vargo Hexagon vargo_titanium_folding_wood_stove_ultralight_centimeter_thinTitanium wood stove. The concentrated heat literally firing out of the titanium tipi went directly into the pot. Time-to-boil depends on your wood, starting water temperature, outside temperature, and the shape of your cooking pot or cup. Something in the 10-15 minute range is a normal boiling time. Other variables include altitude, quality of fire, lid use, and wind. If you double the amount of water, it seems to triple the amount of cook time.

This titanium stove gets sooty quickly. That’s one big difference between a clean-burning gas stove and a primitive tree-burning one. In fact, the stove becomes a pretty dirty thing to handle. Thankfully the black nylon pouch included with the stove keeps soot contained. 

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Of course, this stove should burn about any fuel you can fit inside it. So fuel tablets, alcohol, and other dedicated burnables will work. However the opposite cannot be said for tiny tablet and alcohol stoves which have trouble digesting wood. If alcohol is a preferred cooking medium, Vargo does make a titanium alcohol stove that fits inside their wood stove creating an efficient windscreen and additional stove. 


The downside of a small stove is that it is small. A small stove supports small pots with small water capacities. vargo_titanium_folding_wood_stove_ultralight_quart_cupUnder ideal conditions, you could balance a quart of water on Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove, but that’s pretty gutsy. Instead, the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove works great with small pots and large metal cups. I use both stainless steel and titanium cookware, but always single-wall. The double-walled cups can explode if heated, so keep that factoid in mind.

The price of the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is around sixty bucks or roughly three times the price of its stainless steel counterpart. So if weight is not an issue, you could buy three iron versions for the same price of one titanium one. The stainless version of the Vargo Hexagon wood stove weighs almost twice as much as the Ti version but both are considered light weight by reasonable standards. Well, actually the steel one is just lightweight. The titanium one is ridiculously lightweight.

Stained for Life

One use and the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove will have permanent blackened walls and lightly rainbow patina. Live with it. You can get some of the carbon off by scrubbing the stove with sand or dirt after it cools. I’ve wire-brushed mine but it’s usually not worth the effort. The next time you fire up your stove, you will re-blackening it.

The simplicity of a campfire has always been its main attraction. So, adding a little titanium tech to the campfire concept is hardly a big step. The Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove should be a welcome addition to any bug out bag or survival kit. The stove probably won’t make the difference between life and death, but it will do important cooking and boiling tasks much better than when in the open air. If time is critical and you need to keep a low profile, the Vargo Hexagon Titanium wood stove is worth it’s minuscule weight in gold.

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Press Release: launches its forum at

Hey everyone,

I’ve got some big news: I finally launched my survival forum over at … and I’m really excited!

It’s time we come together as a community and to have a place to chat about survival, preparedness, the way things are going and anything else.

Now, keep in mind I just launched this so there may not be that many members yet… but they will come SOON.

One thing I’m looking to do is to bring my writers on board. They have a wealth of knowledge to share, some of them are even hardcore preppers…

I went ahead and added a few topics to get things moving:


Or, you can open up a new topic, and either me or the other members will reply.

But you have to register before you can post. You can do that here (and please write down your username and pass to make sure you don’t lose them):

See you on the forums!


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How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve Any Fruit or Vegetable at Home

How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve Any Fruit or Vegetable at Home Knowing How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve Any Fruit or Vegetable at Home is a not only for homesteaders, survivalist and people on a budget should be doing this too. I have been canning for years, I love doing it. It’s never …

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